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Countdown Approaches Zero

That sounds foreboding…it shouldn’t, but as I have watched the countdown go from 16 hours to 14 hours thinking about how to write a pre-departure post, it can’t be helped.  I am trying to leave my mind blank and open to whatever experiences come my way, but I can’t help hoping that I might stumble upon an Irish soul band during my time in Dublin or fall in love with some girl who is oddly perfect.  It seems common for people to put their hopes up before leaving for their destination, but there are too many possibilities to make listing hopes worthwhile.  Instead I think about the people I know who are embarking on the a similar adventure in the same country or a different one.  What will their experience bring them?  Or a different Dennis who is finishing his experience (although an experience quite unlike the one I am about to have), and what it may have brought him.  I think about the people I won’t see for four months, and the ones I didn’t have time to see or who didn’t have time to see me.  What will these 4 months bring them?  My bags are packed, they are under 50 pounds, and all too soon (yet not nearly soon enough) I will be soaring over the Atlantic to the land of Saints and Scholars.  I promise that I didn’t forget to say good-bye.

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1 week

That is where the countdown leaves me. One week, seven days.  A very small, manageable number that will diminish rapidly until I am left with nothing more than a few hours over the Atlantic Ocean.  But for now it is just menial preparation that I deal with.  Luggage to buy, clothes to organize, people to say good-bye to.  My hope is that this blog serves as a way for me to process my time overseas, a reason for me to write every day, and a way to keep those who are interested updated on my adventures.

I feel as though there are other things that should be put up on a first post, but for now this is all I have for now.  In one week I will surely have more to say, but for now I am left wondering how different I will feel once everything that I am taking is packed away into luggage on its maiden voyage.


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