Surrounded (Dec. 10)

We have been traveling by train for about two hours.  We have just changed trains for the third time…and this train is going up through a blasted out tunnel.  Finally, the slow paced locomotive comes to a stop, and after struggling with the door for a moment or two, we clamber out onto the platform, and make our way to the parking lot with skis, poles, and boots on our shoulders. “Well Dennis, here are the mountains,” Dave says and points ahead to where the several towering giants raise the horizon by a couple thousand meters.  I just look on in awe and bliss for a while.  Then, I turn ninety degrees and see more peaks. Ninety degrees and more peaks.  Ninety more degrees and there, once again, snow piles upon rock that rises to meet the sky.  I am surrounded.  I laugh, smile and start moving to where we will find our beds, because it is late, the mountains are inviting, so tomorrow is going to be a full day among them.

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